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          2020 Convention Highlights
          2019 NCPA Editorial and Advertising Awards

          2019 NCPA Editorial and Advertising Awards? Contact: Philip Lucey, NCPA Executive Director. phil@ncpress.com Thursday, February 27, 2020Raleigh, …
          Industry News & Moves
          Industry news
          How COVID-19 is reshaping grantmaking and what news organizations should know Just when news organizations are feeling the weight of unprecedented audience urgency, the numbing sear of burnout, and the effects of cratering ad revenues, foundations are uncorking millions of …
          House and Senate Letters to the Administration on Directing Government Advertising to Local Media 74 senators sent a letter to the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget asking him to direct federal agencies to shift existing government advertising campaigns to local newspapers …
          NTVB Media Provides What to Watch to Newspapers for Free TROY, MI, April 6, 2020 – NTVB Media will provide a weekly roundup of television viewing recommendations to newspapers at no charge until at least May 31.   Curated by NTVB’s …
          Our members
          Publisher of The Carolina Times dies, possibly marking the end of the historic paper Kenneth Edmonds, the publisher of The Carolina Times, died Saturday, possibly signaling the end of a historic newspaper that has been informing and advocating for African Americans in Durham and …
          Sherry Jones named executive editor for Gannett’s eastern NC newsrooms Veteran journalist Sherry Jones has been named executive editor for Gannett’s eastern region of North Carolina, overseeing the Wilmington StarNews, the Fayetteville Observer, the Jacksonville …
          New editor named for The Enterprise HIGH POINT — The new editor of The High Point Enterprise has over 30 years of experience as a reporter, editor and executive in the news industry.Guy Lucas, 54, who most recently has been …
          NC news
          STATE OF EMERGENCY = OPEN MEETINGS LAW AMENDMENTS Reporters covering government in the last two months know public bodies have changed their way of doing business. Members of the press were granted essential worker status, but that didn’t mean …
          NC health officials to identify locations of nursing home outbreaks, reversing stance Under pressure from advocacy groups and media organizations, North Carolina health officials said they would release details for the first time Monday on the locations of dozens of nursing homes and …
          NCPA PLAYS PIVOTAL ROLE IN GENERAL ASSEMBLY’S TEMPORARY “REMOTE MEETINGS” BILL ?????The Washington Post reports Capitol Hill is paralyzed over a failure to agree on a temporary remote Congressional hearing and voting bill.? Yet as Congress grapples …
          News you can use
          Job vacancies
          • Lead reporter

            The Smithfield Times seeks an ambitious self-starter with a nose for news to lead its reporting staff. This lead reporter will help run the newsroom at this weekly publication in a charming small …
          • Pressman

            If you like to play in ink, get your hands dirty and enjoy putting clean crisp words and photos on paper this is the perfect job for you. Community Newspapers Inc. is seeking an experienced pressman …
          • Seeking Energetic, Motivated Reporter

            Mountain Times, a Boone-based print and online newspaper of Mountain Times Publications, is seeking a full-time reporter. Boone is a college town located in the beautiful mountains of …
          Hyperlocal Marketing Services
          Newspaper and Digital Advertising Solutions

          NCPS Advertising

          The NC Press Service is your strategic partner for delivering local engagement on a national scale. Through our members, we have deep relationships with every community in North Carolina, giving us local, on-the-ground knowledge on what works. This experience and the attending trust are invaluable to advertisers who want results. Working with NCPS is working with the trusted pillars of your customer's communities.
          One-Stop source for NC Public Notices
          Supporting the public's right to know NCPA provides an aggregate of notices that have first appeared in print in the local qualified newspaper.

          North Carolina Public Notices


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